Advanced Liquid Desiccant-Based Air Conditioning Systems

Services & More

We are commited to spread the knowledge, and advance the manufacturing techniques of ALDACS (Advanced Liquid Desiccant-based Air Conditioning Systems), by offering support on the basis of our own experience in ALDACS development.


Cooperative development of IP-Free solutions is our preferred Modus Operandi. Our own developments, being neither patented nor trademarked, are available to all, licence free. Our services might see other arrangements, but shall not be exclusive to any partners.

Our Services
The Services we provide can be as limited as a report on state-of-the-art solutions;
Can consist of more ambitious contributions, such as the design of units, or series of units, for selected ranges of capacities;
We can as well assist in the definition and establishment of manufacturing capabilities for ALDACS


The consulting services we may provide concentrate, among others, on subjects related to ALDACS, and include the following:

Consulting Services
Reports on R&D activities, concerning above all published results;
Courses on the fundamentals of liquid desiccant-based air conditioning systems (LDACS);
Courses and seminars, on the thermodynamic and engineering Design of ALDACS;
Studies on particular aspects of components and equipment development (see Example);
Independent Supervision of developments undertaken by third parties;
Management & Coordination of R&D&D activities for individual Companies and Consortia.


An ALDACS Unit requires standard components, such as pumps, ventilators, dampers, valves, sensors and actuators, etc., but the main components, such as absorbers, desorbers, indirect evaporative coolers, air and desiccant heat recovery heat exchangers, desiccant storage, etc., are not readily available on the market: They have to be designed and manufactured for the specific requirements of the Unit.

We may support the following activities in this area:

Construction Services
Design of parts and components;
Selection and acquisition of components from specialized suppliers;
Drafting and Planning.

Manufacturing & Testing

Manufacturing & Testing Services
Fabricating the components of ALDACS Units involves diverse kinds of equipments and techniques. A decision will be necessary at some point, whether to manufacture in House, with the attending investment in manufacturing equipment, or to outsource to specialized providers.
Testing for performance at certified laboratories: — Assessment of Laboratory's capabilities, and definition of the instrumentation required to cover all ranges and conditions of operation of the units to test.

Here too, we may be able to assist.

Finally, we might lend you one hand, or two, to easy your way into the ALDACS World!

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